Entry: Exercise 48 - Extemporaneous writing 7.8.09

Revived at long last!  Our busy office schedule had put back our writing exercises perennially down the priority list of our to-doís.  Well today we finally got around to doing a quick exercise, and by quick I mean 60 seconds quick.  This one was hosted by Maya.  She pointed us all to a website:  http://oneword.com where a single word is flashed and then you have to type down whatever goes through your head.  Extemporaneous writing if there is such a thing.


You should try it out yourself.  Donít say you donít have time for a 60 second exercise.  Nobodyís that busy.


Todayís word was ĎIdolí.  Below is what I wrote.  I had wanted to end with "...Cory Aquino's life and humility." but had to respect the time limit. 




There are people who consider themselves an idol for others to emulate. More often than not, those who fall in this category are those the least deserving of that title.

This becomes more punctuated in the light of Cory Aquino's example.


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February 14, 2011   07:25 PM PST
I like it! With the short time limit, I thought what you wrote was very substantial. Nice.

Thanks for sharing your exercise.
R. Garrett Wilson
August 20, 2009   05:36 AM PDT
My writing excercise: I slept in the coffin, fearing the light that might be outside. I had never woken before without the watchman's knock. Where was he? Is he okay? I should have had at least two watchmen, a family of them.
R. Garrett Wilson
August 20, 2009   05:35 AM PDT
I loved it. The word for today was "coffin." Some people wrote about funerals, some (myself included) wrote about vampires, and one person even did a commentary about societies obsession with vampires, lol.

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