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I decided to organize a weekly creative writing exercise in the office to sharpen the skills of the writing pool. Everyone takes a turn inventing an exercise or a prompt.

The only general rule we've been using is that it should be doable in an hour or so. We've also tried to keep things fun.

Please feel free to share your own exercise efforts by leaving a comment. You can do that at the end of each exercise by clicking on 'Share your own effort'. Enjoy!

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Exercise 13 - Short story with an object as narrator

My turn again.  My exercise was short story writing.  Strictly not longer than 500 words.  The story must be written from the point-of-view of an ordinary object of the writer's choosing.  Aside from that, the object must play a vital role in the story.  I had the group choose the parameters below:


Pick any two characters.  (we will choose the top 2)

1.        accountant

2.        gymnast

3.        magician

4.        chef

5.        policeman / policewoman


Pick a setting:

1.        airport

2.        hospital emergency room

3.        telephone booth

4.        kitchen



Pick a story type:

1.        love story

2.        horror / suspense

3.        fantasy / science fiction

4.        comedy


The votes went to a horror / suspense story of a gymnast and a policeman / policewoman in a hospital emergency room.



Bed 14


I am hospital bed number 14.  I am second to the last in two rows of seven beds each so I should be 13 but the hospital management thought it an unlucky number and decided to skip it.  Superstition or not, this place needs whatever help it can get from lady luck.  Especially tonight.  Friday nights are busy nights for me.  Just now the doctor was examining my patient number 6 for the shift.  A gunshot wound to the stomach.   


The policewoman kicks my wheels again jarring me suddenly and my patient.  She wanted to continue her interrogation but my patient wasn't cooperating.  As standard procedure, the police were notified when gunshot victims are admitted in the ER.  Officer Ramirez was a regular visitor.  I knew the drill.  My patient did not. 


An intern pulls out my patient's arm which annoys him further.  Flashed a look of surprise, she meekly explains she's just taking a blood sample.   "No!" he says as firmly as he manages.  "You cannot take a blood test from me".  The intern looks back at him in surprise.  The doctor, grunts back "it's just a standard blood test, now will you please lie down", looking annoyed by his sudden reaction.


"No.  I want my lawyer present" he demands.  Now he shifts his weight to the side and tries to get off me.  My rusty joints creak.  The officer draws closer and says in a deliberate tone, "You cannot leave.  Not until you answer my questions". 


"No blood tests!  And I don't have to answer your questions" as he shoves the female officer aside.  The doctor then calls out loudly, "This is not a dope test if that's what you're worried about. I know you're an athlete. "


Patient 6 retorts, "Gymnast.  And no blood test. I'm leaving", he then slides off my side.  The policewoman tries to restrain him.  "I cannot let you go sir. We're not done."  But my patient, in good physical shape in spite of his wounds, wrestles himself free of the policewoman's grip.  Instinctively, she reaches to her waist for her firearm but my patient sees this and reacts by lunging towards it.  Then a shot rings out.  An accidental discharge.  Everybody freezes for a full second.


A loud thud as a body falls down.  It is the intern.  The doctor quickly takes charge and starts barking orders.  Someone pulls on me and then the intern's now limping body is heaved on my crumpled and stained sheets.  Warm blood drenches me in torrents.  A random spurt is launched in an arc and lands on the feet of my previous patient now stiff and numb from the drama just witnessed.  The policewoman, likewise just stands there, expressionless.


I can feel the heartbeat of my new patient growing faint.  Her hand falls to the side and drips more blood on the floor.  As patient number 6 looks on with numbed horror, my new patient number 7 gasps her last breathe.

Posted at 12:29 pm by bisoy

November 10, 2006   06:24 PM PST
hahaha. mao may napili nga setting sa exercise group namo. this was the hardest exercise we did so far kay daghan kaayog specifics.

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